April 16, 2012

Security master code nokia

This time I do share the Security master code nokia. Very handy if you forgot your security code nokia. Security master code for nokia all nokia mobile phone.

This tool is the same as keygen, namely to open the master security code nokia. Usage is very simple just enter your mobile IMEI number and press the generate button, then this tool will calculate your hp master security code, the number can be used to to unlock your phone or change the unlock code number which you forgot.

Here is the Security master code nokia

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Terry Boy said...

Nice share i would like to share my views in this. Most of the people forgot their security code in their busy schedule, and enter the code wrongly. Each mobile has some number of tries like that for Nokia 5 tries will be allowed to enter the correct code. If all the attempts went in vain then the mobile will get locked. Master reset code only can unlock it. There are many online website available to provide the reset code for Nokia. You can try to get it from any of them. I would suggest Unlocking4free.com from my personal experience. Here they are providing master reset code only for Nokia DCT and Alcatel old model mobiles.

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