April 16, 2012

Nokia 5800 factory reset code

Before discussing the Nokia 5800 factory reset code I reviewed a little about the nokia 5800.

Series 5800 Xpress Music is the first member that carries a touch screen (touchscreen). This product is prepared to be a multimedia player. The ease of access, style and fun is the key word to describe this phone.

Then what is the purpose of a hard reset?

The deffinition of hard reset is to reformat and restore the factory settings at the same time by using a key combination that is already available on mobile.

Performing a hard reset, all existing data on your mobilephone will be lost unless the default from the factory. So previously advised to backup important data on the phone.

This is usually done because the phone memory may be too full and make operating slowly, or perhaps also because it forgot the phone lock code so that we can not go into the menu.
To hard reset nokia 5800 express music :

1. Turn off your mobile
2. Press and hold GREEN + RED + CAMERA + POWER button
3. Keep the keys pressed until you get the shaking hands
4. Wait until the phone restart automatically

All data file and setting should be reset to the factory setting, and phone code will be set to default 12345.

Instead of a Nokia 5800 Hard Reset you can choose to perform Nokia 5800 soft reset
On your Nokia 5800 dial:

The Nokia 5800 Reset will erase your entire cell phone!!!

Performing a Nokia Master Reset Nokia Hard Reset on any Cell phone this will Factory reset Master clear your cell phone and erase the cell phone completely including contacts, pictures, videos etc.  You need to make sure you backup your Nokia 5800 hard reset before you lose all your information.  Once you Nokia 5800 hard reset all your personal information will no longer ne on your cell phone.  A Nokia 5800 hard reset cannot be undone!  So please be certain that you want to Nokia 5800 Master Reset.

That's it, I have nokia 5800 factory reset code can help

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