April 22, 2012

How to unlock nokia phone

This time, I will tell you 3 way how to unlock nokia phone.

Creating a mobile security code with code that we set ourselves is a good idea. This makes our phone safe from people who want to browse our cell phones.

However, when we need a security code and you forget, it can be very troublesome. For example, when it will reformat the phone memory because of the potentially fatal virus, or to simply refresh the phone. While we have forgotten, or are there other people who change the default phone code standardized.

Do not panic, please try the following ways prior to your mobile phone brought to a service person.

If you forget your security code or you bought your phone second phone and safety code instead of the standard anymore and want to know its security code, or simply want to change the phone security code, or to reformat your phone, please follow the following steps:

- Please try to use the standard code for Nokia phones, ie: 12345 or 00000.
- Try to install UnlockMe, download the application, then install and run the application on your Nokia Symbian 60. From the Options menu, select Unlock! then wait for the process is complete. If the search is successful mobile phone security code, then the security code (security code / phone lock code) will be displayed on your mobile phone screen.
- Find Master Code for your mobile phone, are now widely available software to unlock phone code for the PC. If it is too busy please try a variety of services from website which provides online calculator to find the Master Code of your Nokia IMEI number. Among these are the sites MasterCode.NokiaFree.org, here we need to fill in the IMEI code of our mobile phones, which can be viewed by typing * # 06 #, then enter the serial number that appears on the field and by pressing the Generate button. Note the master code that appears, and open your phone security code with the code obtained.

If the three methods above does not work, then take your cell phone to cell phone service, I don't have anymore idea. I hope you know how to unlock nokia phone right now. Thanks for coming

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nila kala said...

Nice share...........

Terry Boy said...

Nice information. I would like to share my experience in this. I have unlocked my Nokia mobile from its security lock using master rest code. I got the reset code from the site Unlocking4free.com ,here they are providing master reset code for only Nokia DCT and old model Alcatel mobiles. I have unlocked my mobile myself using unlocking instructions which is given in the site itself.

Salman Khan said...

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Najwa said...

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Niki Kidman said...
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Niki Kidman said...

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