April 17, 2012

Default PIN code for nokia

Someone asked me about the default PIN code for nokia. He is fail to enter the PIN code three times. At first I was confused to answer. For those of you who experienced the same problem, here's my answer.

Pin code is derived from your SIM card, so the code depending on your operator. It can be 0000 or 12 345 or ... something else

You should ask someone that has a SIM card from the same operator or call the operator and ask.

But there is a solution without requiring you to contact your operator. Listen

A. Turn off the phone and open your card. Note that there is a 16 digit number on the back of the card. Record the 16 digit number in a standard way of reading, reading from left to right, then continue reading in the second row from left to right, and so on until you record the 16 digit number.
2. Borrow your friend's mobile phone that has the same seluar operator service provider that is used on the card is PIN protected earlier.
3. Phone to Customer Service to the service provider, and ask for the PUK code.
4. Customer Service will then ask you to mention the phone numbers that have been password protected, and ask that you mention the 16 digit card number.
5. Wait a moment, customer service and give you the PUK number.
6. Reinsert the card in your phone and then enter the PUK code which was provided by the customer service.
7. The phone then prompts you to enter a new pin code.
8. Type the pin code you want (preferably using the default PIN code 1234 that are not easily forgotten)
9. The phone will then prompt you to enter a pin code that has been previously inputted.

Congratulations, you now have cellular card can be accessed again

Whereas 12345 is Nokia's default security code. That is about locking device features and notes about accessing the SIM card. If you change the security code (that Could be in fact a good idea) make sure That you remember the new code or you will end up being one of Those dudes stupid asking for help here.

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enlighten said...

Well ! The default security codes for Nokia like 0000 or 12345 is not working, use Master reset tool to break it . It is available at Unlocking4free.com

Neha Sharma said...

nice blogs.

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saurav sharma said...

Nice list. although i use pincodebox for the search

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