January 25, 2016

How to fix Windows boot error 0xc00000e and 0x00000e9

How to fix Windows boot error 0xc00000e

In this article I will show you how to fix error 0xc00000e. This error means that some files of your OS are corrupted.

Windows boot error 0xc00000e

First, we need to check your system using Windows tools that are installed in your pc.

1. Start CMD (Press Windows button+R and type CMD)

2. Type sfc/scannow. Now wait until scanning tool won't finish the scan.

3. If this tools didn't help you, wee need to repair Windows, you can see how to do repair in this article.

Last step that you can do is to reinstal Windows. 0xc00000e error means that files which Windows need to boot or to work with some components, are corrupted or even deleted, so usually it is much more easier to reinstall Windows and buy some good antivirus!

How to fix Windows boot error 0x00000e9

Windows boot error 0x00000e9

There are 2 possible ways that cause 0x00000e9 error.

You are trying to install Windows 7 and receive this error.

You had powered on your PC and now you receive this error.

So, what to do in this situation?

In first situation it means that you have bad disc or problems with DVD driver. First, burn your cd on 2X speed. If you still receive 0x00000e9 error, change your DVD driver and try to install Windows.

In second situation, you probably have problems with your HDD. Check it on errors with Live CD. Then check all cables in your PC (check it on connection to motherboard and on visible defects). If these methods didn't help you, change your HDD to another.0x00000e9 error it is mostly the problem with transferring data from HDD or DVD Driver to your motherboard and processor. You can also try removing DVD driver and booting from USB drive.
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January 24, 2016

How to fix BSOD error 0x000003b and 0x1000007e

How to fix BSOD error 0x000003b

0x000003b error is usually caused by corrupted driver, corrupted RAM and bad energy supply. So, to get rid of this 0x000003bBSOD error follow these steps:

fix BSOD error 0x000003b

fix BSOD error 0x000003b

1. Downloadmemtest 86+. Burn it to CD in program like Alcohol 120% or Nero. Boot from these CD and check you memory on errors. If you receive errors, I advice you to check your memory. Just take it off and plug in again.

2. Bad power supply. If you bought new video card or processor, don't forget about buying new, more powerful power supply unit.

3. Bad drivers. Again, we talk about drivers, that can harm your system. Search and scan your PC for bad drivers and uninstall them.

0x000003b error it is hardware error, so apart from scanning system for bad drivers check your hardware, this is very important!

How to fix BSOD error 0x1000007e

0x1000007e0x1000007e error means that there is some hardware in your system is not installed properly. Probably it is because of bad drivers. So, let's look deep in problem.

1. Usually, 0x1000007e error is caused by bad Graphic Card drivers. First, if driver is not installed, install it. Second, try to update or find versions that works with your version of OS (maybe you have internal graphic chip so drivers for new version of Windows it is very common problem)

2. Click Start and execute CMD. Type sfc /scannow and wait. This tool will scan your system drivers for errors and corrupted files.

These 2 methods are the best, if you want to cure your computer from 0x1000007e error. Just remember, this error it is drivers error. 
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January 23, 2016

How to fix Windows Activation Error 0xc004f200 and 0x80070426

How to fix Windows Activation Error 0xc004f200

In most cases you can't do anything with 0xc004f200 error by yourself because usually it means that your key was blocked by Microsoft. But we will try to help you with 0xc004f200 error.

Error 0xc004f200
1. You can try activation by phone. Go to Start menu, click "Execute" and type cmd. In cmd window type "slui 4". Then choose your country and call by your country's phone number. Wait for real representative and tell him about your problem.

2. Your key was blocked by Microsoft. This can be by several reasons.

  • You use pirated cd-key and try to activate it. Please obtain official copy of any version of Windows 7.
  • You have bought pirated or blocked key. Require immediately refund from seller.
  • You have used your key with more than 2 computers. Remember, you have limitations.

You can't do anything with 0xc004f200 error. Please, after you have understand that there is something wrong with your key, call to Microsoft and require refund from seller.

How to fix Windows error code 0×80070426

This problem appears when you try to update or activate your Windows Vista/7 but you didn't run Slsvc.exe (Software Licensing Service). In this article I will explain how to solve this error code 0x80070426.

The solution is to run Slsvc.exe when you upgrade/activate your Windows.

To fix 0x80070426 error follow 5 simple steps:

1. Close error message that appeared in process of upgrading Windows, and reboot your computer (or simply switch off and power on your PC)

2. Click the Start button or Windows button and in the Search form type word "services". Then find Services in list of your programs and click on it.

3. If you have admin privileges just click continue or if your user profile don't have admin privileges type password.

4. Finally, you will see Services control panel where you should check that SLC (Software Licensing service) is running.

5. Now just run the update/activating software and... Yeah! It's work! We have solved another error called 0x80070426!

Feel free to ask me any questions in comments and I hope that my solution will hope you to fix 0x80070426 error.
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January 22, 2016

How to fix Microsoft Outlook error 0x800ccc80 and 0x800ccc67

How to fix Microsoft Outlook error 0x800ccc80

0x800ccc800x800ccc80 error in Microsoft Outlook means that you have problems with outgoing connection. When you send message and receive 0x800ccc80 error your Outlook can't find outgoing server.

1. Run Microsoft Outlook. Log in as usual.

2. Go to Tools menu. Then open Account settings tab.

3. Click More settings tab and go to Outgoing Server. Check if the option “My outgoing server requires authentication” checked or not. If it is checked uncheck it and vice-versa. Try to end e-mails with unchecked and checked option.

Also, you should check your outgoing server settings, maybe you should update server address. Sometimes, 0x800ccc80 error happens when your E-Mail provider updated server address.

How to fix Microsoft Outlook error 0x800ccc67

0x800ccc670x800ccc67 error in Microsoft Outlook means that you profile was corrupted. Also, there is a big possibility of 0x800ccc67 error if files of Outlook are corrupted.

1. Maybe server of your E-Mail provider is temporarily unavailable. It can be because of problems on server or technical works.

2. Maybe you enter wrong e-mail account info. Check E-Mail and password.

3. Try reinstalling Outlook. If reinstalling didn't help, try another distribution or CD.

4. Check if your Firewall blocks port 25. Outlook use this port to connect to the Internet.

You can try deleting your profile in Outlook. 0x800ccc67 error usually means that your profile was damaged, so just make new profile, and copy all settings from the old one.

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January 21, 2016

How to fix HP Printer error 0xc19a0035 and 0xc19a0023

How to fix HP Printer error 0xc19a0035

You can receive 0xc19a0035 error while using HP printer. This error mean that you have damaged (or it was damaged earlier) cartridge in printer. But anyway, we will help you with 0xc19a0035 error.

1. Reset your printer. Switch it off, wait for 1 minute and power it on. Also you can try switching off USB cable from your PC.

2. Change cartridge. If you have another cartridge try replacing old one. Completely switch your printer off, open cartridge place and replace it. Maybe your old cartridge is out of ink, so would have to change it witn new one. I advice you to buy only original cartridges.

3. And the last way to eliminate 0xc19a0035 error is to take your printer to HP service.

This error may have technical character, and maybe you can't do anything to repair your printer at home. Anyway, you have your guarantee so repair of printer will be free for you.

How to fix fix HP printer error 0xc19a0023

0xc19a00230xc19a0023 error means that your printer was damaged. It is hardware problem but we have some tips how to eliminate 0xc19a0023 error.

1. First, switch off your printer. Take out cartridge and wait around 60 seconds. Thenturn itinto an electrical outlet and switch it on. If you still receive error then go to step 2.

 2. If you have keypad on your printer press # and 3 while powering it on. This combination of keys will clean your printer's cache.

 3. Also you can send your printer back to HP if you have guarantee. If you don't have it or if your warranty has ended, you still have upgrade option. You can upgrade your printer to better model and it will be very cheap.

0xc19a0023 error usually means hardware problem, so don't think that you can repair your printer at home, better send it back to Hewlett Packard.
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How to fix Windows BSOD Error 0x000000F and 0x0000c1f5

Hello guys. In this article I will give you few tips how to eliminate this annoying BSOD error 0x000000F4 and 0x0000c1f5

How to fix Windows BSOD Error 0x000000F

Windows BSOD Error 0x000000F

Check up your HDD. Change you Hard Drive with another and run your PC. If 0x000000F error still appears, move to the next step.

Update your BIOS firmware and motherboard drivers. You can find BIOS and drivers updates in the support section on website of manufacturer of your motherboard.

Update controller firmware and HDD drivers from manufacturer website.

As you see the BSOD error 0x000000F4(0X00000003,0X85E12020,0X85E1216C) is caused by HDD. You can reinstall Windows and maybe this will help you, but I advice you to install Windows on new HDD.

How to fix Windows BSOD error 0x0000c1f5

Windows BSOD error 0x0000c1f5

This problem commonly occurs when Clfs.sys driver does not work with $TxfLog file when the file is damaged. In some cases Windows Vista won't boot until the drive with damaged file won't be switched off.

Microsoft has hotfix (link) for this problem. If 0x0000c1f5 error doesn't make your work on computer impossible, please wait some additional time for next Microsoft Windows update, because this Hot fix is need some additional testing. After installing Hotfix you need to reboot your computer.

Other ways to solve BSOD error 0x0000c1f5:

1. If the $TxfLog file is not on system drive that contains your Windows OS you can take off it from your computer. Then you can format it on another computer and connect it to your PC.

2. If you have only one HDD, then you need to format your Hard Drive using Acronis True Image Home or Windows XP or 2000 installation CD. Then just install your Windows Vista/7 as usually.

Hope you will solve Windows BSOD error 0x000000F4 and 0x0000c1f5 with my article!
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